Memories from the Beethoven music fest of Germany

I being as an avid music lover and crazy for the western classical music always cherished the desire to visit the Bonn at least once in my life; the place of the birth of the legendary musician of its time, Beethoven, the composer of the seven symphony. Somehow, I got an opportunity to travel this Bonn as an invitee at the Beethoven Festival of Germany. This music festival is held annually as a tribute to the composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven in Bonn, Germany. However, before, reaching the Germany and Bonn I got a pre-booked hotel room there in the city as one of my reference told me about the hotel as one of the cheap Bonn hotels.  After landing at the airport I went straight to my hotel and after having the rest and refreshments proceed to the venue of the music festival.

The International Beethoven festival is occurred and is organized as amidst the other German festivals yet the festival has unsurpassed reputation among music lovers. The music festival starts between the dates as from the middle of September to the middle of October every year. There the city became alive with the sound of the celebrated music. While heading towards the music festival venues I was surprised to see that it has became so popular in Bonn and German tourism and cultural landscape that was sold as one of the primary feature of the tour guide package to travelers as from around the world and globe. I among other follow travelers was heading towards the venue as to watch out as many ad 30 performances as comprised of chamber and choral concerts, recitals and orchestral pieces.

Most all the performances at the festival are weaved around the compositions of the Beethoven and it is the rare incidence when any other composer is being heard. The Beethoven Hall and Beethoven House were the main venues where I reached to enjoy and listen to the prestigious performances. Soloists and young musicians there even come under a roof as a packed house of music aficionados. This the best music spot where music lovers can listen to pacific tunes of the music to the core of there heart. And the festival is equally popular with culture lovers as well. Even with reference to the setting of the festival it is organized into and around in the romantic occasion to share along someone to be very special. As it is the festival that is organized in period when the leaves on the trees shed leaves. So it is organized as during the best holiday times in Germany and I too was fortunate enough to at the right period and time in the music fest of its type.

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